Remember this Kickstarter campaign?

We fixed the hard drive, failed to make a new album then one of us died. But don’t worry your precious awards are on their way! If you want to throw shit at the surviving members of the Tit Mice they have devolved into Shit Gibbon. More information on that one day.

The Tit Mice are were an improvisational collective formed in Bristol on new years day 2013. Our initial intention was just to play music. However, upon attempting to do this, we realised that when our musical inabilities united, we were capable of producing sublime masterpieces, which are were so powerful and moving, they could potentially either have saved the world or plunged civilisation into a new dark age. Taking this as a starting point, we have improvised a recorded canon of (in May 2014) over 100 213 songs, in a variety of styles, generally using acoustic guitars, found objects and voice manipulation devices. We regularly played local venues and bewitched audiences, not only with new songs composed on the spot triggered by audience members, but also through improvised interpretations of our own songs. We improvised new lyrics to the songs each time we played, and this way they evolved and developed new meanings. The Tit Mice are were a dangerous brainwashing cult. They are were a parasitic virus. If you spent time with the Tit Mice when they existed as an unholy trinity; you are very brave, heroic and tolerant. We thank you.

Eat our Wizard Biscuits and descend into our Self Engulfing Prism